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mama monday III: Let’s Do Disney

Mama Monday Disclaimer: I am nowhere near an expert mom. I am on a mama journey just like all of you are. However, I’m more than willing to share my experience with you guys. If today’s topic is something that you have an experience with then I hope you’ll share too…either on your own blog...

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mama monday alert

Tomorrow’s Monday! Who knew I would ever be this excited about waking up on a Monday? I noticed in the comments and emails over the last several days that lots of people either have Disney trips coming up or have been to Disney recently so I thought it would be helpful to do a MM...

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obnoxious emailer gives birth

Got this in my inbox from Samantha last week after she’s already sent me one big ol’ package containing a shoe, a grey card, a wipes container, and a blue fleece baby jacket: “Hey, loser, I found your other shoe. I’m going to start charging you for shipping. I’ll try to get it to you...

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Day 3: Princess Day!

We headed back to the Magic Kingdom on our last Disney day to make sure we hit all the things on our list – most importantly, CINDERELLA! Unfortunately she was asleep in her castle on the first night we were there (read: the line was over an hour long and mommy and daddy just couldn’t...

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day two of the magic

Animal Kingdom day today. My favorite of all the parks. As a non animal lover I’m not sure why I dig Animal Kingdom so much but I do. The Shertzers were living on Shertzer time which put them at the park an hour or so after we arrived so the four Cobbs kicked the day...

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