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see you in the new year!

We headed out of town the day after Christmas (officially known around here as Brent’s birthday). We’ll be gone for a few day and although I have limited internet access I don’t have a card reader on my laptop so no photos. =( When we get back though I’ll have a slew of Christmas stuff...

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merry and bright.

Hope your day was too! Love, the Cobbs. Share on Facebook

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memories abound.

We just returned from our Christmas celebration at my mom’s house, or, “pretend Christmas” as I referred to it for the kiddos sake. How do you explain to a three year old which present-giving occasion is actually Christmas and which one is the real deal – all the while knowing (and hoping to relay) that...

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Giving is AWESOME!

Congrats again to the winners of yesterday’s Shakleey giveaway. I love doing things like that and I promise to keep doing it anytime something cool comes along. Before I head off to my mom’s for our first Christmas celebration of the season I thought I’d fill you all in on another fun giveaway going on...

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the winner(s!)

To avoid leaving any of the fun details out I’m reposting Janelle’s email from this morning in it’s entirety: (emphasis added by me) “Erin,Wow, what a wonderful response you’ve had to your giveaway! I love caring parents and I’m really excited to share with them. We don’t have to have toxic cleaners in our home...

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