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brothers and sisters

Does anyone watch that show? I think I’m getting addicted. Wait. I was getting addicted before Ephraim arrived and instituted mandatory 7:30 bedtime. Oh well. That’s what season DVDs are for right? I look at my two kids (that word again…whoa.) and try to wrap my brain around their sibling-hood. As soon as Ephraim was...

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ten scattered thoughts on being a mom of 2

1. Saying “kids” takes some getting used to. Kind of like “husband” sounded like such a funny word seven years ago. 2. I’m alternating between complete panic and utter calm. Surely I’ll find a middle ground sometime soon. Both little ones are sleeping right now. Can you guess my current state? 3. I forgot how...

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round one

If the poor kid knew how much of this he was in for I don’t think he’d be smiling… Sorry this is a short post but I think I’ve underestimated what being a mom of two takes! Hopefully I’ll be in the swing of things and posting more about sweet baby Ephraim soon. Share on...

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in and out

If only childbirth were as easy as these pictures make it look… Just stop in… and pick out the one you want! Thank you all for being so kind about my letter to Sarah and the birth of our son. I can’t wait to share more of him with you guys soon! Share on Facebook

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And we are thankful…

Hi all–Daddy(of two!) blogging here. I realize there have been quite a few checking for an update today, so I’ll try my best not to mess this up. Please pardon the formatting and let the photos do the talking. I will let you in on one thing: don’t worry about his face coloring; he’s breathing...

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