Monthly Archives: October 2007

my excuse: pregnancy

One of the only redeeming things about growing a 9 pound child in your abdomen (the doc’s estimate, not mine) is that you can use it as an excuse for everything for 40 weeks. Or 42 in my case with Sarah. Well, there is that thing about having a sweet, innocent, cuddly babe to love […]

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Prayer Songs

Daddy blogging here. Though you probably could have figured that out by the absence of hyperlinks in this post. Hasn’t she gone crazy with those? Can we at least get some advertising dollars out of doing that? But if I did believe in hyperlinking, I would insert one to our new church, Faith Presbyterian in […]

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overload of october outtakes

October 1st. Who can believe it? Three things on my mind about this first day of October: 1) Caroline’s birthday is in five days and we won’t be there (too sad, moving on)2) It’s Sarah’s birthday month!3) Today starts this year’s babyGAP Casting Call. What a difference a year makes! (check out the link to […]

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