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The Grand Unveiling

After having several friends, family members, and colleagues pour over my new site it’s finally ready to be seen! A few issues still to be worked out though: 1) I’ll be adding a splash page in the next month so watch for it! 2) As it stands now I’m still not googleable (

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Samantha, avert your eyes

The following photos just might violate the unspoken agreement (vows, even) that Samantha and I have to never, ever have another friend in life. Much less let our daughters have a friend. For the girls who were due four days apart, born within 22 days of each other, spent most waking moments of their first...

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sarah’s salve

There’s a mysterious purple plant in our backyard that Sarah has taking a particular liking too. (It’s actually probably not mysterious at all but my knowledge of plants ends at grass, roses, and dandelions) She discovered it while we were out weeding one day and she now migrates to it everytime we head to the...

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This post is as much for me as it is for you. I don’t want to forget these little tidbits from today at JoJo and Papa’s house:1. While eating her breakfast this morning Sarah glanced over and noticed her Papa’s package of chewing tobacco sitting on the couch. Quoting her JoJo from the day before...

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picture day

Today is “Fursday”…aka “school day” around our house. And this is a particularly special school day since it marks Sarah’s first official picture day. Would you believe she’s NEVER had a photo professionally done by anyone but me? The girl’s been gypped! So today is her big chance to bring on the smiles for a...

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