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weekend in review

I think this weekend was the first official lazy weekend we’ve had in Huntsville. I actually struggled to get off of the couch for most of Saturday and I fear I brought Brent down with me. Sarah zoomed around at her usual speed but I think her mommy and daddy were bitten by the lethargy...

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hey you bloggers!

Wanna learn something cool? Spurred on by a fellow photogblogger, Kristyn, I made a blog button for Princess Pigbear. For those that don’t know, a blog button is just a cutesy way of advertising your blog in someone else’s links list (or your own links list). See mine over there??? ——> If you click on...

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my babies and me

(yes, this is Brent’s shot. Yes, it says “photography by Erin” – just wanted it protected) I asked Brent to take a few snaps last night after Sarah’s bath. Would you believe I haven’t taken a single shot of this belly? At least not with the express purpose of documenting this pregnancy. I feel horrible...

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more, as promised

A few more of my faves from this past weekend. We celebrated Charlotte’s first birthday a few weeks late… She’s not much of a birthday cake fan. I think she falls into the “eat to live” category like her mama. That just may end up jeopardizing our relationship since I am clearly a “live to...

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same baby, different summer

Sarah and I spent this past weekend at my dad’s house in South Carolina along with my stepmom, my sister, and baby Charlotte. I have tons and tons of fun photos that I’ll share soon (maybe even later today) but for now I just wanted to share a year to year comparison that struck me...

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