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Pigbear Valentine

Hi all, Daddy blogging here. I haven’t posted any video lately, so I thought I would share a Valentine’s collection. Here’s a few clips of Sarah enjoying a Valentine’s cupcake, trying on her Cupid wings, and jamming with Charlotte to the magic card from Mama Jo and Papa. I realize some of you want footage...

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chomp chomp

Hear that? It’s the sound of me eating my little niece alive. I’m pretty sure she likes it too because she keeps giving me big ear to ear grins. I’m officially enamored with her. I haven’t seen her since she was 6 weeks old and, WOW, things have changed a bit. She’s chunkier than ever...

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mro-ma (or some variation)

There just isn’t a way to phonetically spell Sarah’s name for her Grama so that’s my best try. It’s similar to “mama” but there are some extra sounds thrown in that I just can’t describe. At any rate, she’s here. Mro-ma, that is. She and Sarah are having a blast reacquainting themselves after three and...

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That Pigbear had other ideas

Notice the correct use of Pigbear: “That Pigbear”. We’ll also accept “The Pigbear”. Otherwise it’s now Pi’Bears or Pi’Bear. Hey, if Prince and Diddy (P.Diddy, Puffy, PuffDaddy???) can do it so can we. All nicknames are subject to morph without notice. So today That Pigbear had other ideas. I thought she might enjoy “painting” with...

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photography questions answered

Not that I’m a beacon of knowledge or anything even close but I’ve been answering a lot of similar questions lately via email and blog comments so I thought I’d create a quick post and stick it into the sidebar. That way I have somewhere to refer peeps to who have wonderings. So if this...

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