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Admittedly my style for the Pi’bears tends more toward hip and sporty (GAP-ish, if you will) than frilly and smocked (quite the style below the Mason-Dixon line, I’m finding). Exceptions can always be made though and when my friend Christi loaned us this amazing wool Rothschild coat that her daughter had outgrown I almost melted....

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eve and morn.

Christmas Eve… Christmas morn…(looking tentatively around the corner to make sure the Big Guy wasn’t still hanging around) Santa was good to her, delivering a dollhouse, playdough toys, and some things to help mommy with the housework (THANK YOU SANTA!). So why is her favorite “toy” still the basket of Christmas cards? She’s so two....

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parenting decisions that would horrify my former self: part one

I’m titling this part one because while currently I’ll only be addressing one horrifying decision I’m quite sure more will surface along the way. Stay tuned. Many of you know that I taught kindergarten for four years before becoming “just a mommy” (in the words of my dear sweet Gabe). I loved teaching and, forgive...

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who loves bathtime?

Contrary to what they tell you in the hospital about drying out your babies skin and babies not getting dirty and blah, blah, blah, we’re a bathe-our-babies-every-night kind of family. It’s not really that I’m insistent that they be sparkling clean all the time but I just feel like it keeps them in a nice...

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hello me

Today I’m reintroducing myself. To myself. I’m hoping this marks the reemergence of the me I know and love. Tomorrow Ephraim turns four weeks and it feels like a blur. It started with round one of The Stomach Virus That Ravaged Our Family but took on even more speed when Little Dude had not yet...

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