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could be a new favorite

First, an update. Exactly 24 hours after Sarah’s cast came off she took her first steps. So much for my fears of arrested development! I snapped this while Sarah was standing in front of the tree this evening admiring all the pretty ornaments. It’s certainly no coincidence that her two newest signs are “pretty” and...

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can you say no to this face?

I sure can’t! Today’s the first big voting day and we’ve already been overwhelmed by emails, messages, and phone calls that you’re getting the vote out. Thank you, friends! I think this is going to be a long (but fun) month. We’re so thrilled to be taking all of you along on this journey with...

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Thanksgiving Shopping

Daddy blogging here. Mommy decided to venture out into the mall madness this morning, so I gladly offered to stay home with the PigBear. Sarah wanted everyone to know that she is primed for the shopping season as well–purple cast and all. Hopefully, the cast will come off Monday! Hope you enjoy the rest of...

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Enough said. Share on Facebook

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in place of Christmas photos

I really, really, really want to show you all our Christmas card photos but I must restrain myself. SO I’m making a replacement post. Yesterday we met Steve, Samantha, and Caroline for their photos and after the stress of that was over I snapped some of the girls just being our precious, crazy, wild, relentless...

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