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A series of images from Saturday morning, 7:17…exactly one year from the moment my heart spilled over… Share on Facebook

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one year down

As the party was winding down today, Brent and I found ourselves on our hands and knees in the kitchen cleaning up remnants of the Pigbear’s cake smashing. I looked at him and realized that we were passing through yet another rite as parents…not only the first birthday, but the first birthday party. Then I...

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let it snow

Did you hear? Did you hear we had a blizzard? We did. The Blizzard of 2006, so they say. There’s a good 18 inches of snow in our yard…more in some places. We opened our door twice yesterday and got a living room full of snow both times. Once to get the milk (gotta love...

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proof she really doesn’t need presents

A box arrived from Nana and Grandaddy… She loved THE BOX… The gifts, of course, are still waiting to be opened bright and early Saturday morning. My guess is that the paper and bows will be smashing successes. Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week…I’m saving up all my photographic mojo for Saturday!...

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cutie cutie Liz

She’s officially on her two month countdown…now the clock really starts moving slowly! And speaking of countdowns, only 5 days until that Pigbear’s birthday! And for those of you who are interested, Sarah’s Heifer International registry is up to 2 chicks, 2 flocks of ducks, 2 rabbits, and 5 shares of a pig. Talk about...

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