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something so cool

No new pics today. Just wanted to fill you guys in on something we are SO excited about. Sarah’s 1st birthday is coming up on October 28th and I’m about to kick into big time party-planning gear. Sarah is in love with animals of any kind so I think we’re going to have a Down...

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some days are good days

Today was definitely a good one. It started off with a brisk morning walk that demanded Sarah wear her new hat. Fall is definitely in the air and I love it. And I really really love her in this hat. Then after her morning nap we went over to Erin and Caitlin’s house for a...

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the obligatory pasta pictures

Isn’t it some kind of rule of parenting that you must photograph your kid’s first sloppy, goopy, greasy experience with spaghetti? I’m pretty sure it is. And I’m SO not a rule breaker so here they are… And, for those of you who don’t know, there are two ways to say “all done” around our...

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I think that pretty much just sums it up. MamaJo and Papa are back and we’ve got three more days together. That Pigbear couldn’t be happier. Share on Facebook

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how big is Sarah?

SOOOOOO big. Learned this one in Cali. It’s a fun game. Anyone, anytime can ask “how big is Sarah?” or “how big are you?” and the Pigbear goes into this little stance. It also works the other way around. Several times a day she assumes “so big” position, waiting for you to acknowledge that, yes,...

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