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comment hog

The title of this post is a much nicer name than what I’ve actually been calling my husband since his post yesterday. Begging for comments…I’m ashamed! If you know us very well you know that EVERYTHING is a competition and he is desperate to get as many comments (if not more) than he thinks I...

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Little Helper Girl

It’s been a while since I’ve been first author on the blog, but union rules require Deed get a break every now and then. I caught some good pictures of our little Pigbear helper the other day. Sarah is a girl of many helper talents–laundry helper, kitchen helper, yard helper, grill helper, etc. Just look...

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nine months

You’re nine months old today. You clap, you crawl, you cuddle (occasionally). You laugh, you holler, you play peekabo. You love watermelon (is this a surprise?). You pretend to be shy with strangers and burrow your head into daddy’s or my shoulder. You’ve been on 6 plane rides; soon to be 8. You have two...

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Getting these mobile babies together for a group shot is getting harder and harder. Samantha had this bright idea… And congratulations to Caroline on her first tooth! That makes Sarah the lone playgroup babe without toofers. If we weren’t so attached to “Pigbear” we’d have to change her name to “Gummy”. Share on Facebook

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excited about this

Last night I finally got my act together and figured out how to put a copyright logo on my pictures. The practical reason is so that if I post things on the web they won’t be stolen (yeah right, like that’s gonna happen!). I have to admit though that I just like how my pics...

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