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those girls again

Just a few of our girls, being our girls. Love them. Share on Facebook

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8 months.

Our girl is big. 8 months worth of big. She weighs in at 18lbs 5 oz. She can get into a sitting position from her tummy. She can almost clap. She loves the badge daddy wears on his uniform. She says “doy, doy, doy” incessantly. Only to be rivaled by “da da da” She loves...

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the babe in the mirror

These pictures bring a particularly bad pop song to mind. They’re enough to give you an earworm for sure (you know, the songs that you just can’t shake. Interestingly enough, women are more susceptible to “earworms” than men). So, check out the pics at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And, do...

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random fun

Thought I’d post some of my favorites from the last few days. The first two are of Sarah trying to escape her crib and Brent giving crawling lessons, respectively. And, Aunt Lu, more of the orange shirt just for you… Share on Facebook

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Ron, J.J., and Alla have been visiting on their way to their new home in Minnesota. I’m a little jealous that their Air Force journey is over and they’re finally getting to put down roots somewhere. That’ll be us soon enough so I’m thrilled for them and their new start. It’s been oh so fun...

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