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more beach fun

Not much time to blog today but I wanted to upload a few pictures from the last couple of days. We’ve been having a great time hanging out with family although MamaJo has been down and out with a stomach virus. It’s reminiscent of when Nana was out visiting for Thanksgiving and she spent the...

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baby beach bum

After a grueling travel day yesterday we’re finally on the gulf soaking up the sunrays and marveling at our baby’s curly hair (the humidity works wonders!). We got up this morning and headed down the beach, hoping to beat the most brutal heat of the day. When we showed the pictures to Parmy this afternoon...

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happy birthday to meeeeeee!!!

I love having my birthday over Memorial Day weekend. So much fun stuff today. I’ve already celebrated with my closest friends and family over fondue last weekend so the specialness kind of seemed over…except it’s not! I was remembered today by a few random people, which was fun – an ex-boyfriend (?!), one of my...

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the little guinea pig

It sure is a good thing Sarah enjoys having her picture taken. Today my new lens came in the mail which was all the excuse I needed to throw my precious girl in front of the camera. She loves the attention! (wonder where she got that) For anyone who might be wondering, it’s the Canon...

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four day wait

Eversince Sarah started solid foods a month or so ago I have been so dilligent about the “four day wait” rule. Basically, it’s what pediatricians recommend when introducing new foods to your baby: start a new food and introduce nothing else new for the next four days. This way if your baby has an allergic...

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