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estrogen in abundance

As of one in the morning when we arrived home from the airport, four generations of Keith women were together again in Colorado. Grandma, Mom, Aunt Lori, Meghan, Sarah, baby Charlotte (still in Mommy’s tum) and I spent the day doing one of our favorite things – thrifting! I think we all walked away with...

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I was inspired.

Everyday I check a few of my favorite blogs. Not even neccessarily people I know, just people whose religious insights I enjoy, photography I admire, or friends of friends. Tara Whitney’s photography is amazing and today I was especially inspired by this. So Aunt Lori and I cleared the living room, stripped the baby, and...

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a doll from Great Grandma

Grandma Dixie and I were up bright and early this morning waiting for Sarah to wake up. of course, she chose today to sleep until 7. When the sleepyhead finally roused she was greeted by three surprises – her Great Grandma, her Great Aunt Lori, and a NEW dolly! This is the first doll she’s...

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just another day together

Sometimes it seems like the days run together, they’re always the same. Washing bottles, picking up toys, lunch with a friend, quick stop at the grocery store, naptime. But then I look at you and realize that you’re changing everyday. Doing new things everyday. Tugging at a different part of my heart everyday. I’m learning...

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the girl with a million photographs

That’s Sarah – the girl with a million photographs. What in the world will we do with all of these pictures? So far we’ve collected them on the blog, in her scrapbook, in her baby book, on slideshow DVDs put to music, as screensavers, in frames, in wallets, the list goes on and on! Last...

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