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bath time punk

Oh the things we can do with Sarah’s hair! After bath time we have great fun giving her new and innovative hairstyles. She can perfectly replicate Dumb and Dumber hair, k.d. lang hair, Billy Idol hair, and many more. Samantha insists I’m missing out on all the fun of having a bald baby but I...

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loving the weekends

We just put Sarah to bed and are finishing out a wonderful weekend with her. She’s becoming such a big girl…going into her crib at night when she’s still calm and happy and falling asleep without any tears most of the time (nap time is a different story!) We spent a lot of time this...

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coffee with angels

The house is quiet! Brent took Sarah for their weekly Saturday morning coffee ritual with the other daddy/baby pairs. It’s the only time all week that I have the house to myself. I usually look forward to it and then once it’s here I find myself watching longingly as they walk out the door and...

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some credit

for the “certain handsome family member” who shall remain nameless…here’s the credit… Sarah says: “I love my Aunt Parmy and Uncle Tory!” Share on Facebook

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This is what happens when Sarah sleeps too long…mommy can’t make up her mind about where to post her blog! After being on myspace for 10 minutes and already having a “friend” attached to my blog that I didn’t know, I figured I better find a better spot. Here I am. We’ll see how long...

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