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Thanksgiving + family + love. in pictures.

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fun for all ages.

Grama came through with B-Ro’s plasma car for his birthday. He insists it’s not as fast as the other kids’ but I figure that’s par for the course. Everyone’s everything is bigger, faster, more fun, and just generally better when you’re 3 (or 99), right? We’re working on it though. Grama greased the wheels and...

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This sight makes my heart happy. My dad and my girl, snuggled up with a good book. Dad paid us a visit this afternoon and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been missing him like crazy lately and really wishing he lived closer. A 5+ hour drive is sure better than the...

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hitting the high notes.

Taking a break from work to post a few of my fave shots from our trip to my dad and stepmom’s a couple of weeks ago. It’s always such a treat to be in their home – it’s amazing how a place you didn’t grow up can feel so much like home. They do such...

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