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the overshadowed birthday boy.

Brent’s birthday is the day after Christmas. He has long joked that it always gets overshadowed by “some other guy”. Of course that is in jest and I’m pretty sure he’s forgiven for it. (After all, isn’t that what “some other guy” was all about?) Interesting side note: our first date was on Brent’s birthday...

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noah and jess get hitched.

Last month on our epic adventure out west I got my camera out of the bag a grand total of one time. The rest was documented on Instagram with my iphone. But I couldn’t let my cousin Noah’s wedding pass without grabbing some shots of their celebration. Noah and Jess were married on a working...

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cookout at dad’s.

Last month my sister and her family came to Alabama to celebrate our stepbrother’s wedding. He married an awesome girl and had a beautiful ceremony at an incredible venue. And I would totally show you pictures…if I had arrived on time. It’s a long (sad, painful) story but basically ends with I’m a dummy and...

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aunt lu’s.

Since I’m headed back to California in four days it’s probably time I wrap up posts from my last trip there. Here’s a look at some fun we had at my Aunt Lori’s house with the whole fam… Gizdich pie…you never know where it’ll end up… Ephraim planted himself on the couch and didn’t move...

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the bar, again.

Piggy-backing on the post about my Grandpa, here’s another one. (I told you he had quite a collection…) I’ve written about Grandpa’s bar before but there really can’t be too many posts about such a treasure. It’s been a work in progress for the last several decades and there’s always something new to see. And...

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