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grandad’s plate.

Last post from Grama and Grandad’s house. And just maybe, best post. Because of all the planned activities of the weekend, this may have been the one we were all looking forward to the most. It was Grandad’s plate presentation. Allow me to explain. My stepdad is not a heavy beer drinker by any stretch...

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golf and go carts.

A few more ridiculously overdue shots from my mom’s last month. This time, mini golf! The girls were pretty much done with the heat after hole #2. In fact, I don’t think Sarah golfed another stroke after that. B-ro, on the other hand, is a golfing machine. This morning he spent a good half hour...

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grandkids epic adventure: part II

On the second morning of our epic Nashville adventure we set out for the country. Which wasn’t hard because Grama and Grandad already live in the country. In fact, the kids moan and groan every time we get in the car because it takes forever to get anywhere. Truth be told, their parents moan and...

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grandchildren’s excellent adventure, part I.

A few weeks back my Mom and Tom hosted their annual Summer family get together. We missed Craig and Anna but the kiddos loved having quality cousin time with doting grandparents waiting in the wings. The weekend was jam-packed so this post will be the first of many. My mom counts on me as the...

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ice cream with grama.

I’ve had this post in the queue for a couple of weeks now, ever since Ephraim’s first t-ball game. My Mom drove down for the occasion and we all treated our ball player to frozen yogurt after the game. It was such a nice night and I already had my camera slung over my shoulder...

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