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ephraim turns 7.

I have to admit how surprised I was to come back to the blog and actually see comments. I had almost forgotten what those were. Thanks, y’all. I actually came back with the intention of writing a little something that’s been rolling around in my head. But then I found three picture posts that I...

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swim team boy.

Last Summer was Ephraim’s second year on the swim team and his first attempt at swimming in a meet. I was poised and ready to write a post celebrating his first successful 25 yards freestyle just like I did for his sister. And then disaster struck. As we walked to the pool on the way...

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Bedtime, in a series of four. Oh how I adore those silly, sleepy boys. Share on Facebook

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upside down now.

My Aunt Lori called me out on Facebook today for letting this blog go stale. And she’s totally right. Ever since the move to the Cottage (two years ago now) I’ve found it difficult to get in a groove of taking photographs at home. My camera and gear doesn’t have a great home anymore at...

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e’s birthday.

In the all the Fall hoopla I’ve somehow neglected to mention that our boy’s 6th birthday has come and gone. Or maybe it’s just that I’m in denial. Yes, it’s probably that. His birthday request this year was to go to the place where a kid can be a kid. And only because we love...

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