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I’m not sure why I don’t blog often anymore. It may have something to do with not taking pictures of my children quite as often. Heck, this one may appear to be a timely pre-Easter shot but… it was last year. I still have pictures from Christmas I haven’t shared yet. And Tigger’s first days...

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scattered pixels.

I spent several hours yesterday talking about my love of the photograph while filming a promotional video for ECP. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and really thought about what these scatter of pixels on a paper print mean to me. All the doing of it has gotten in the way of the...

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t-ball: a love story.

I have a vivid memory of being 14 years old. I was on the track team which wasn’t an accomplishment in my high school and only meant that I was interested in getting an athletic study hall. We had a meet at a neighboring high school and I was strolling the bleachers waiting for it...

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joyful girl.

The chalkboard quote comes from the title of my favorite Ani song…and possibly my favorite song period, Joyful Girl. Brent doesn’t get it at all (Ani or the song) but he loves me so he puts it on the playlist for every party we ever have. Which means inevitably the song plays after I’ve settled...

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two from the iphone.

I worked myself into a tizzy this morning over silly things. And in truth, the tizzy probably had more to do with the cup of tea I had on an empty stomach this morning (caffeine lightweight right here!) than any actual life circumstance. And while I’m still not entirely tizzy-free, I am doing much better...

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