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Washington, D.C.

Back in March, for Spring Break, the family headed to Washington, D.C. In some ways it felt like our first “real” family trip, which seems silly considering how many places these kids have been. But because this was a destination driven entirely by curiosity and culture, rather than visiting family and friends, it felt different....

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true story.

We heard the thud first. Catie and I were sipping ice water and trading mama stories one room over when we heard it. And as mamas do we listened to see if a cry would follow. It did. We exchanged glances. The cry was a real one and too intense to easily discern just whose...

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Our family has the travel bug. Which is funny because we also usually bring home a bug when we travel. But that’s neither here nor there. We have the travel bug. We like to be on the go. We love the challenge of packing for a two week trip in 20 minutes and loading the...

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last of the wdw.

On our last night in Disney – also known as the day I clawed my way back from the dead – we ate at Chef Mickey’s for Ephraim’s birthday. This particular piece of our trip had been planned for six months and there was no way I would be missing it. So hopped up on...

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superdad strikes again.

By the time we arrived back at our hotel on the eve of our last day in Disney (remember? magical-ish princess day?) the question of me catching Ephraim’s stomach bug was no longer an “if” but a “when”. I knew it was coming for me. And it was going to be ugly. Now for a...

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