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scattered pixels.

I spent several hours yesterday talking about my love of the photograph while filming a promotional video for ECP. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and really thought about what these scatter of pixels on a paper print mean to me. All the doing of it has gotten in the way of the...

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Summer. And Camp.

I know I’ve been sparse around here lately but I have a good reason. I’ve just been enjoying life so darn much lately. And believeyoume, I’m as surprised as anyone since, you know, it’s Summer. Nothing against Summer of course, but generally there’s just so much togetherness. And trying to still work a full(ish)time job...

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mother’s day memories.

Mother’s Day weekend seems so far away but these images are priceless to me and must be shared. Added bonus: This is what I look like in the morning. You have my permission to use these images to feel better about yourself. =) Growing up my sister and I always prepared breakfast in bed for...

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big kids.

Confession: when I had babies and toddlers I looked upon my friends with older children with a smidgeon of pity. They didn’t have cute little cuddly babies anymore and, well, TEETH. Because let’s face it big kid teeth just ain’t pretty. But. I’ve seen the light. See, I always knew I was cut out to...

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date night.

The pictures in this post are a bit crazy looking. I blame it on the sugar high. Please ignore. Ephraim’s obsessive love for his mama is a well-established and well-documented fact. But he seems to have turned it up a notch of late. Without hesitation he will tell anyone who will listen that I am...

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