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snow day.

It was 65 degrees today and sunny. The kids put on shorts the minute we got home from church and they played outside with neighbs until dusk. But Spring is a fickle thing and Wednesday the high will be 33 again. And not two weeks ago we had a winter “storm”. (Which admittedly doesn’t mean...

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v-day loves.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day – a day I have mixed feelings about. As a kindergarten teacher I adored it, and as as mother I do too. I love the authentic reading and writing tasks it creates and I love seeing children express their feelings for one another. As a photographer I welcome the opportunity to...

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the cobb chopped champion.

Shortly after Christmas Sarah got it in her head that she wanted to play Chopped at home. Probably not a coincidence that Miss LeeLee had just taken the country by storm in Cutthroat Kitchen. Sarah clearly wanted a piece of that. So she found a worthy competitor (Brent) and two impartial judges (Ephraim and me)...

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the overshadowed birthday boy.

Brent’s birthday is the day after Christmas. He has long joked that it always gets overshadowed by “some other guy”. Of course that is in jest and I’m pretty sure he’s forgiven for it. (After all, isn’t that what “some other guy” was all about?) Interesting side note: our first date was on Brent’s birthday...

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eve and morn. 2013.

Despite Ephraim and Brent spending the better part of Christmas Eve in the emergency room, we still managed to squeeze in all of our favorite traditions. Including riding home from Ohatchee (taking the long way through Arab) while listening to Christmas tunes on the radio, mixing up our sugar cookie dough (we saved the beater...

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