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first day.

I have lots of stories and pictures to share from our trip out to California last month, but before I do I want to go ahead and share about the kiddos’ first day of school. Second grade for our big girl… and kindergarten for our baby boy, which means he graduated to the front porch...

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Summer. And Camp.

I know I’ve been sparse around here lately but I have a good reason. I’ve just been enjoying life so darn much lately. And believeyoume, I’m as surprised as anyone since, you know, it’s Summer. Nothing against Summer of course, but generally there’s just so much togetherness. And trying to still work a full(ish)time job...

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File this under “better late than never”… My kiddos working on their Valentine cards last month. V-day always sneaks up on me but I love the excuse it gives to get an updated shot of my kiddos together. Each year I expect that this will finally be the year they decline sending a card out...

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our golden age.

Confession: three weeks ago the kids and I begged Brent for another baby. Sarah promised the baby could sleep in her room whether it was a boy or a girl. Ephraim suggested we name him/her Scout. And I made a pretty solid case that having a third kid would actually be easy because I have...

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this one…

Is hanging loud and proud in the Cottage right now… Dang those are some good looking kids. Share on Facebook

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