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the six sardines.

Last Saturday my family attended an event that was 17 years in the making…the reunion of my six high school best friends. We haven’t all been together since graduation but somehow we picked right back up where we left off. With a few more people in tow of course (there are 13 children between us)....

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iop beach: a day in snapshots

Now that we’ve been back in school for a week, the routine has started and my eye is set firmly on Fall I think it’s time to wrap up our beach trip posts. When I arrived at IOP I realized pretty immediately that my camera battery was waning and I had left my charger at...

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the ninja course.

Back to the beach now for a little more Isle of Palms documentation. I didn’t pick my camera up a ton this trip and I’m kind of fine with it. I spent a lot of time vacationing and a very, very small amount of time picture taking. After four years in the same house with...

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the beach house.

If you just felt that big gust of wind in your face don’t worry, it was just me blowing the layers of dust off the ol’ blog. Wow. Where have I been?! I’m so glad you asked. Because among other places (California most recently), I’ve been to to the beach. Isle of Palms, South Carolina...

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boston round 2.

Putting ten on tuesday on hold yet again. Don’t give up on me! While I don’t have the drowning feeling that I’ve had the last four years I’ve been in business during busy season, I do feel like I’m treading water just fast enough to keep my head above the wake. Which means the blog...

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