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alabama snow.

Now that I think it’s safe to say we’ve officially entered Spring here in Alabama, I feel warm enough to post these snow pics. I think the snow situation in Huntsville is just about perfect. We generally get about one good dumping a year (where “dumping” = 6 inches) and it’s late enough in the...

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Tate Farm, v8.0

Yesterday we headed to Tate Farm with the Baker fam for the 8th year in a row. Traditions are meant to be kept people, and we take such things seriously down here. Which is why I was obliged to have a margarita at Little Rosie’s when it was all said and done. Tradition demanded it....

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so much more.

Today was one of those days. No, not one of those days. The other kind. The kind that make me stop,  and look, and think “if this all there is, I’m okay with that.” My world just felt filled up with love today. Not for any particular reason at all. Although I can’t deny that...

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tate farms, year seven.

Since the rest of the world has moved on to Christmas I guess it’s time to share about our annual trek to Tate Farm with the Bakers. This trip makes our SEVENTH year Tate Farming together and I can’t physically wrap my brain around that. As I took this first shot it was mentioned that...

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baby friend.

One of our favorite little friends stopped by to see us last week. Ephraim is rather obsessed with her as you can see… And when he was done snuggling up with her he asked for my camera. And I have to say, if the camera weren’t so durn heavy for his little hands he would...

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