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the 4th. (almost 4 months later)

I think I’ve set two simultaneous records. First, for longest time between Pigbear blog posts. And second for longest time passage between an event and the blogging of it. So without further adieu, here’s a look at our fun on the 4th of July. We headed down to Brent’s parent’s house on the river for...

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jojo and papa’s christmas.

As is our tradition we’re spending a few post-Christmas days at my mom and stepdad’s house right now. And as is our tradition we spent a few pre-Christmas days with Brent’s parents at the river. Here’s a peak at our fun… Sarah was delighted to introduce her early Christmas present to Lily, who was equally...

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fishing with daddy and papa.

First there’s the waiting while Daddy baits your hook. This is where that healthy portion of eyelashes you were given becomes useful. Playing up your cute really comes in handy when asking someone else to bait your hook. I speak this from experience. I used to fish with your Daddy too you know. After the...

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celebrating Nate’s fourth on the fourth.

Before I start posting beach pictures, I want to share about our fun in the mountains last month! Traditionally we spend the 4th of July with Brent’s family. We used to always gather down at the beach but then my MIL was hit by a rogue firework which traumatized us all enough to move the...

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papa’s favorite bar.

When Brent and I were dating we spent a good bit of time in Panama City Beach. And inevitably we’d end up at Fun Land. It was a smoky little arcade on Front Beach Road that had beer, ice cream and arcade games that delivered some serious tickets. Thankfully in the fifteen years since then...

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