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loose ends.

As I was doing a memory card clean out the other day I came across lots of images that never made it off the card and onto the computer. I have no idea when these were even taken…April? May? But I love them. Just a bit of random for a Saturday… Geez Louise, this boy...

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this just totally made my day…

(Compliments of one lovably sneaky neighbor) It also reminded me to remind YOU to like the Erin Cobb Photography Facebook page by Monday to be part of my big birthday bash giveaway! Up for random grabs will be: – a Clean Color bundle – an auditing seat in Karen Russell’s next offering of The Photographer’s...

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call for applicants!

I’m blog-jacking my own ToT post this week in order to spread the word about a new contract position here at Erin Cobb Photography. Tuesday is the most popular day of the week around here and I’m shamelessly hoping to use that blog audience to my advantage. =) I’m looking for someone to work with...

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baby Jude.

Jude Taylor Richardson aka “The Baby About Town” February 1, 2012 7 pounds, 4 ounces 20 1/2 inches 12:32 p.m. I wish I could put into words how amazing it was for me to be part of Jude’s birth. But there really are no words for the sacred celebration of a new life, are there?...

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An impromptu photoshoot with my littlest love when he bounded into the kitchen wearing a clown wig. You gotta grab those moments by the horns, friends. And then you gotta laugh. Share on Facebook

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