ten on tuesday.

1. I signed my tax returns at 12:30 today. But as Brent always says, “if you wait till the last minute, it only takes a minute.” So cheers to all my tax professional friends!

2. For the first time in a long time it appears we’ll be getting a refund, which will be going toward septic tank repairs at the beach house. I personally would like to let the septic just keep backing up into the yard so I can get my shop on, but Brent says no. Spoil sport.

3. Speaking of the beach house, Brent and I snuck away this past weekend to make a few more repairs to the place without kids in tow. I confirmed my suspicion that pressure washing is my kind of job. So I’m adding that to my short list of house work I don’t mind which brings the total to three: washing dishes, folding laundry and pressure washing.

4. I enjoyed this poem.

5. Last week I traded in my Pontiac Vibe (sob!) and bought a new Honda Odyssey (yay!). The kids and I have had so much fun exploring all of the nooks and crannies of our new ride. I think I embarrassed them to death yesterday though when I pulled through the carpool line at school and couldn’t figure out how to open their doors for a good several minutes. Thankfully a friend emailed me later, saying she was behind me in line and that I made her Monday. Ha! I’m always available for a good laugh…at me.;)

6. I loved my zippy little Vibe and am sad to see her go. I think I might have been the only person in Huntsville with that particular make and color which meant I was always easily spotted. Now that I’m driving the same vehicle as every other mom in Huntsville I’m in desperate need of some personalization. Short of neon undercarriage lights or a stick figure family, what do I need to put on my new ride? Help! (Brent has already vetoed my request for a “Dog is My Co-Pilot” bumper sticker but, believe me, I tried.)

7. Did you hear about the young woman who started a new bra line for girls called Yellowberry? I’m kind of in love with this whole story/concept. And that was even before I read that one of their bras is called the “Tiny Teton.” I die. Slogan: “From the bunny hill to the Tetons, we’ve got you covered.” Brilliant.  Yellowberry, here.

8. My Tuesday morning running group got rained out this morning so we’re running this evening instead. And then we’re rehydrating with wine at my house. Thanks, rain! I’ll take an evening of hanging out with my girls over a 5:20 wake up call any day of the week!

9. Stuffed peppers are on the menu tonight. Sarah Cobb’s favorite. Recipe in this old ToT post.

10. And finally, voting in The Peanut of the Year contest ends tomorrow so if you’re local, be sure to stop by The Purple Peanut and log your vote!

upside down now.

My Aunt Lori called me out on Facebook today for letting this blog go stale. And she’s totally right. Ever since the move to the Cottage (two years ago now) I’ve found it difficult to get in a groove of taking photographs at home. My camera and gear doesn’t have a great home anymore at home. And that’s a good thing. Doesn’t everybody want to leave work at work? But photography has always been a fun thing for me. A respite. A way to process the world visually and then figure it out with words once I sit down to blog. But since leaving “work” at work meant not picking my camera up at home, the documentation of this crazy wild life fell by the wayside.

But on Friday I came up with a plan. My backup camera (a 5d classic) coupled with the nifty fifty I just ordered (that’s a 50mm/1.8 for those who aren’t gearheads) will now be my sole play-at-home kit. I’m so stoked. It’ll be light, easy to grab, and totally low stress since the lens costs less than a tenth of the 50 I use at work. Winning.

So I hope you won’t quit on me just yet. Because as it turns out, I may not be quitting on you after all.

For now, how ’bout a few months-old shots of my baby dog…

and my baby boy…

The doggie has gotten a haircut since then and the boy has grown his out. So everything’s upside down now.

Ever wonder why the family before us named him Tigger?

Now you know.

ten on tuesday.

1. How have y’all allowed me to get through life without knowing about The Skimm??? Seriously. Apparently only my friend Charlotte knows me or loves me well enough to tip me off to this. I’m going to give you all the benefit of the doubt and just assume that you didn’t know about it either…because otherwise you would have told me, right? So I give you…the best thing to wake up to since an Earl Grey Tea Latte with skim milk (please don’t tell me you didn’t know my drink either).

2. We spent all of last week down at the beach lounging around in the chilly, windy salt air with our buddies The Jacksons. There were records on the player every night, Frozen on the TV every day (seriously, let it go already), and Mario on the NES every hour. Delightful.

3. On the way down to the beach I spent the better part of an hour reading this article to Brent about kids and play and this modern era of overprotection. The early childhood educator in me was geeking out. The parent in me was (a little bit) freaking out. And the kid in me was reveling in my own childhood filled with make believe and roaming and self governance. I think the world needs more of that.

4. Speaking of the early childhood educator in me, I climbed into the attic on Sunday to unearth a few high school memory boxes in preparation for an upcoming reunion with my high school besties. I ended up pouring through some of my old teaching things and sobbing through a couple dozen parent letters and principal evaluations. Sometimes I really, really miss that life.

5. So here’s something to bring a tear to the eye of all my teacher buddies: “Flat Stanley home after a decade in soldiers’ wallet”. Mind, blown. Heart, wrenched.

6. Speaking of amazing journalism, while in the attic I also ran across a limited edition copy of my cousin Noah’s short run newpaper from back in the 90′s. He was around 10, I was in college and my parents were recently divorced. Apparently my grandparents were also a little banged up but, as my sister says so eloquently, “couldn’t we pretty much use Gramma and Grampa’s update any given week from then until now?” Touche.

7. Fat Tire has recently made it to Huntsville and I’ve been grabbing a six pack for Brent occasionally when I see it on the store shelves. It totally takes us back to our Colorado years. Well yesterday when I stopped in for beef broth and potatoes I somehow found myself in the beer aisle again. Funny how that happens. But as long as I was there I figured I’d grab a six pack for Brent…and then I saw Fat Tire “Snapshot” sitting there in all its glory. You guys. It’s like the people at Fat Tire got together around a big beer brewer’s table and said, “If we were going to make the perfect beer for Erin Cobb, what would it be?” Then they collectively decided to make it a wheat beer, brew it in Colorado, wrap it all fancy in a vintage-inspired orange label and put a camera on the bottle. Geez Louise. Talk about knowing your customer.

8. So now you know that Fat Tire Snapshot and Starbucks Earl Grey Tea Latte are totally my jam. I guess it’s probably a good time to mention that my birthday is next month.;)

9. Today on the business blog I posted about my journey into the Certified Professional Photographer process. So if that interests you one iota you may want to check it out. My passed portfolio is over there too.

10. Have a fabulous week, friends! As a nod to April Fool’s I feel inclined to tell you that none of these things are actually lies. I only bring the truth on Tuesdays.

ten on tuesday.

1. The only thing better than the Tuesday before Spring Break is the Tuesday of Spring Break. And that’s happening in T(uesday)-7 days. So everything is right in my world. Bring on the beach!

2. Brent has taken a new job at work that’s demanding a ton of his time while he learns the ropes. He’s now the chief engineer over a small project at NASA (way to go babe!) but my Dad has conveniently chosen to leave off that last prepositional phrase, instead insisting that Brent is the chief engineer of NASA. I guess there’s nothing like a proud father-in-law.

3. I finally finished Wonderwomen: Sex, Power and the Quest for Perfection and I highly recommend it. Now I feel compelled to read Cheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. Have you read it? Would you recommend it? It’s number one on Marie Claire’s 10 Books Every 20-Something Should Read so I feel I simply must read it. Nevermind that I’m a 30-something who should not be taking reading recommendations from a fashion magazine.

4. I found out on Friday that I passed the standards set forth by Professional Photographers of America to become a Certified Professional Photographer. After almost seven years in business that may sound like a no brainer but it’s a surprisingly rigorous process to achieve this certification. I’m thrilled to now be the only photographer in my zip code to be a CPP!

5. If you’re a photographer I would highly encourage you to pursue certification. The process itself was humbling, educational, inspiring and, ultimately, incredibly rewarding. I’m happy to be a resource and answer any questions you might have about it. Feel free to email me. (erin at erincobb dot com)

6. I’m all for finding the missing Malaysian airlines flight but I’m going on record saying that events like this bring out the worst in 24 hours cable news. I’m currently (not) watching CNN show a flight simulator experience, all the while explaining how not real the simulator is and how unknown the fate of the plane is. Also, lots of time spent reading random tweets out loud. I don’t know guys, but this doesn’t feel like “news”.

7. Last night Ephraim let Tigger in after a brief run in the chilly backyard and as they snuggled back onto the couch E said, “Tigger, I bet you’re doggone cold.” AH! Kindergarten humor is my FAVE kind.

8. Maybe I should propose a 24 hour kindergarten comedy channel to replace 24 hour news. Surely this would be a step in the right direction for the world.

9. I tend to agree with Glennon from Momastery in pretty much all the major life categories. But today her Facebook page made me question everything I ever thought I knew about our (very imaginary) soul kinship. Because, this:

“Ugh. Is it Tuesday? Tuesday’s have no identity. We need to think of something special about Tuesday to give it some life. Poor Tuesday.” ~ Glennon

My poor, sweet Tuesday. Clearly Glennon needs some Ten on Tuesday in her life.

10. And finally, a shameless plug. Last week I found out that I was nominated on Rocket City Mom (a local parenting website) as one of Huntsville’s best children’s photographers. There are several other worthy photographers in my category but I sure would love your vote. Do you have two seconds? No need to register or anything…all you have to do is click and scroll down. Thank you my friends!


I’m not sure why I don’t blog often anymore. It may have something to do with not taking pictures of my children quite as often. Heck, this one may appear to be a timely pre-Easter shot but…

it was last year.

I still have pictures from Christmas I haven’t shared yet. And Tigger’s first days with us. And who knows what else. As the children grow and the life gets busier the days seem to get shorter and the camera left in the bag all too often. I hate it…and I love it. But isn’t that the nature of life? A pendulum that’s always swinging.

The funny thing about not blogging is that it’s made me somewhat hungry to write – but in a fresh way. Different from sharing pictures and stories of my children’s lives. I find myself wanting to share how I really think, feel, love. No filter. Or maybe just less filter.

I remember being a child and feeling embarrassed if ever my mother would speak up and tell the waiter that the order was wrong, or the cashier that the change was wrong. I wanted her to stay quiet, not rock the boat. Just smile and wave and walk out the door. But my mom was a woman in her 30′s at the time and apparently she had lost her filter too. She didn’t mind sharing a bit of what was on her mind every now and again. Maybe I’ll take her lead one day soon. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop blogging for my children, my family, my readers – you – and I’ll start writing…to write. I imagine that might feel fine.

Until then, here’s one more shot…

from last year. =)

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