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Last year I photographed this family of three just days before little guy’s daddy was heading to Iraq. I loved what we captured but it was a bit bittersweet knowing they would be separated for 6 months. This year there was nothing bittersweet about our time together! With the Iraq tour behind them and a new little guy in the mix this now family of four was right where they belonged — together.  Last year when big brother was two he was FAST. This year at three he’s even FASTER. I didn’t think it was possible! Catching him in this pensive moment was a serious surprise. And a lucky shot.

And then to have TWO still shots? Total bonus.  

His little brother may not yet be as fast as big brother but he’s following those footsteps in other ways. Namely, being obsessed with his daddy.

  And I have to top this sneak peek off with one of my favorite shots of the day. This kind of eye contact from an almost four month old totally rocks my world. And the adoring stare from his mama is just the icing on the cake.

Thank you guys for sharing the afternoon with me! Let’s make it a threepeat next year!

Katie Rasmussen Once again I am in utter amazement of your talent! The sneak peak is awesome and I can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks for capturing these moments for us…

Amy So great to see this awesome family here again! And way to catch that speedy 3 year old! Love seeing all these!

Johnnie Quigley Awesome job! My sister is so happy with the photos that you took of her family. They are beautiful and cature the spirit of the whole family!

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