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…for sharing lots and lots (and lots!) of images on the ol’ blog. I gift photographs to my friends all year long. Well, I guess I should say I gift sessions to my friends all year long. Sometimes getting the actual images in hand can take months (and months!) since they sadly fall to the bottom of the client pile. A girl’s got the pay her bills right? This particular session was shot on a beautiful morning during Fall break in early October. I finally delivered the images last week. Which means I get to share lots and lots (and lots!) of them here today.

Meet my little red-headed friend Miss A…

You’ve seen her around here before and I’m happy to report that those delicious dimples of hers have only gotten deeper.  

I think she could smuggle things in those dimples.

And don’t even get me started on those baby blues…

We got together mainly to document Miss A at almost 3 but I can never resist her big brother. He’s one of the spunkiest, sweetest kids I know and everything out of his mouth makes me smile. Or laugh. He’s such a fun kid to be around…

And then of course we had to get them together for the obligatory siblings shot.  

Which really is just a chance to tickle and pick on one another.

Which is what siblings are best at anyway.

But after the silliness they humored me for a bit…

 And then it was back to the fabulous Miss A…  I’m still catching up on family and friend images that never found their way to the blog this year so be sure to keep visiting!

Magalie Super, super, super cute! You continue to inspire me, Erin. Your photos are beautiful. Merry, blessed Christmas to ya!

Brad These are so beautiful. I guess my favorites are the last 2 at the bottom. Great images, Erin!!!

AmyJ Precious pics of those precious babes!!! Love them :)

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