times four | huntsville portrait photographer

Whenever I think of having four children, this is what I imagine…

Four kiddos that love each other, are well behaved, and will sit/stand sweetly for a portrait that their mama and daddy will treasure for the ages.

And while I’m quite sure that’s exactly how things go in this family (seriously, did you see that pic?), I’m quite sure that’s not how things would go in my own family. So I’ll just keep my two. 😉

For reals my friends, these kids rock. Every last one of them. Starting with sweet Miss W who can climb trees with the best of them…even in an heirloom dress. That’s a Southern girl for you.

And her baby brother with those striking blue eyes that tie the whole family together? Delicious.

Followed by this little man who has a smile that belies “mischief” but I swear I’ve never seen the proof.

And sweet and spunky little sister who delighted me with her twirls until she fell down dizzy, right smack on the bricks…and then hopped back up to try again!

That’s how this family of four rolls. Beautiful. Effortless. Picture perfect all the way.

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