three boys | huntsville children’s photographer

In a family of three brothers it always amazes me how quickly this…

turns into this…

And then back into this…

I’ve always heard that boys are harder to raise when they’re young than girls are. But once the teen years hit the parents of girls are left wondering when their sweet, serene angels were replaced with screaming, crying moody piles of tears. While the parents of boys are kicking back and enjoying life.

Something tells me this mom and dad are counting down the days. 😉

In all seriousness, these boys are seriously awesome. They’re rough and tumble and wild on the outside but their insides shine bright. It only takes two seconds of one on one time to get a glimpse at their sweet spirits.

And as much as I’d love to show an image of Mr. B’s sweet spirit, this image is just begging to be shared.

Plus, I think he’ll be thrilled to see himself in full rocker glory on the blog. I’m sure at 11 he’s got an image to protect already. I wouldn’t want to spoil it. 😉

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