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During our pre-session chat I heard the most honest, heartfelt words from a sweet photographer-mama who was having her family photographed the next day. They went something along these lines…

I have all of these wonderful photographs of my children. But I’m not in any of them. And I feel like there’s an entire piece missing from our family story.

Okay, so that was a liberal paraphrase but the “piece missing from our family story” bit is entirely accurate. I know because I wrote those words down. They rang so true for me. And if you’re a mama who’s reading this, I bet they ring true for you too. So do what my new friend Julie did and decide today to change that. Because when I look at these images all I see is five beautiful souls that fit together perfectly…there are no longer any missing pieces…

I saw Emmylou Harris in concert a couple of months ago and during the course of her act she told the audience that she had had an idyllic childhood and had grown up “under the shade tree”. Which I took to mean she felt sheltered and nurtured and loved every day of her life. I have a feeling these children sitting under this very real shade tree sit under a figurative one as well.

As a matter of fact, I know they do. They told me so. Not in so many words of course, but the love in their family is no secret.

Yep, it’s under the shade tree.

Kristy Love the Mama in these photos and can SO appreciate the blog entry. Great photos! Love Julie’s smile!

Ann Marie You captured the beauty Julie has inside and out !

Taunya Castillo What a great job you have to be able to give people the most perfect gift everyday! I love the shot of them interacting together on the bench. The amazing framing of the trees on that last one is so captivating!

Julie Oh Erin, we love these! Thank you for capturing our family in such a fresh way – real moments of joy. It was just what we were hoping for. We had a blast working with you, and we can’t wait to see all the rest of the images. You made being on the other side of the camera as comfortable and fun as could be. We appreciate you! And all of our kids really enjoyed the time connecting with you too. Thank you!!

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