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In the summer of 2008 I met a pair of sisters who stole my heart with their smiles and giggles and sweet, spunky spirits. They were 7 and 8 at the time and were as precious as they were cute.

Now they’re 10 and 11 and still just as precious. But I’m not sure the word “cute” describes them quite right any longer though. They’ve far surpassed “cute” and are full-fledged tween beauties now…

The last year has been rough for the girls and their mama after losing their daddy to a brain tumor last summer. I can’t imagine the loss, particularly for girls so young. But when I look at these sweet children and their mama, I know they’re going to be okay. They have hearts full of faith and courage…traits inherited from their daddy I hear. And they have each other. Which might possibly by the most important thing of all.

I love these girls, in case you didn’t already know. =)   

During our session we battled mosquitoes, insufferable heat, and a scary 10 minutes when their dog bolted from the backyard. And somehow they still managed to look impeccable. As Southern ladies that is a skill that will serve them well!I’ve got to give a special little shout out to a dear friend of the girls (and mine!), Alicia from The Purple Peanut. The girls’ mama has been shopping there for years but they’ve finally outgrown all those sweet little girl outfits. These next two dresses where the last ones they had that would fit. Alicia, these shots are for you!  

By the way, stop by The Purple Peanut and tell Alicia we said hi! Then head to the back of the store to see our gorgeous canvas display that features a fall shot of two of my favorite tweens. 😉

While the girls inherited their Southern air from their mama, they inherited so many features and traditions from their Hawaiian father. His love of traditional music is fierce in their hearts. I just had to get a shot of little sister with her Daddy’s ukelele…

Also on the “must have” list? The puppy.

 Also known as The One Who Almost Got Away.

I hope you loved your sneak peek girls. You deserve the smiles.

Stacey R Wow! Gorgeous images! Such beautiful girls!

jane vaughn I have enjoyed these sweet girls, their mom and grandmother so much over the years..although I am not in the store much now, it is our wonderful customers and beautiful children I will miss the most..Jane

Jeanne Each picture is beautiful! These girls are very special to me.

Jeanne Each picture is beautiful! These girls are very special to me.

Rhonda What beautiful girls!

Alicia Erin, You are Amazing! Seeing these precious pictures, brought tears to my eyes. It has been so rewarding to watch these two remarkably sweet, intelligent, beautiful girls grow over the years, and although they have ‘graduated’ the Purple Peanut, I am blessed to say, I have friends for life :-) I love you girls!! (and J.G. too!!)

Jennifer Dillard Wow….gorgeous pictures of two beautiful sisters. We love these sweet girls and you did an outstanding job of capturing their sweet smiles and various expressions. What a treasure all of your pictures are for their mom! Love the one of Ella with the ukelele!!!

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