the blessings come | huntsville children’s photographer

I have been blessed in my life innumerably but at the top of that list of blessings sit the people who love me. When we moved to Huntsville just over three years ago I didn’t know a soul. If you’ve never experienced that before let me tell you, it’s a lonely feeling. But it’s also ripe with possibility. Every person you stand next to in line becomes a potential friend. The friendly looking neighbors could end up being your confidantes for life. And the people who read your blog (and the ones to whom they pass it along) could win your heart in an instant. Which is exactly how I became connected with the likes of these two precious children…

A cousin of their mama was a reader of my personal blog in the summer of ’07 when we rolled into town. Their mom was pointed my direction by that cousin and she contacted me soon after to welcome me to Huntsville. Her email instantly brightened what was surely a lonely day for me. And in the three years that have passed her amazing energy has brightened my life in ways I never could have imagined. Yep, loneliness is certainly ripe with possiblity. Because even when you don’t expect them, the blessings come.

Getting to watch this little monkey grow into a beaming toddler is one of those  blessings…

And seeing this young lady (my babysitter-in-waiting) blossom before my eyes is another one… 

This is a family that knows how to open their hearts and home. And in that vein they ‘re hosting the most adorable French exchange student this summer. I got to turn my camera on her a bit during our session which was super fun. I’ll share some of those in the next few days!

christi OMG! What a treat! But you’ve got to stop making me cry…you and your family are the blessings to us. God is so good :)

Tina How cute & how pretty! I think I remember seeing their pics before, and wow…have they grown!! :)

Maggie Love the pictures! You’re the Best!!!:) Obviously!! No doubt about it! I have to say,also, God is the best!

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