sweet cheeks | huntsville baby photographer

Saturday morning was my first time meeting this little cutie and what a treat it was! Our entire day of shooting was cloudy and overcast except for the fifteen minutes I was with her. The clouds literally parted and the sun cast it’s warm glow all over her sweet little baby fuzz…I couldn’t believe it!

huntsville child photographer

I had to capture those icy baby blues…

huntsville newborn photographer

And I just can’t resist this outtake. Can’t. Resist. It.

huntsville baby photographer

You gotta wonder what she was thinking in that sweet little head!

Lacey Reimann Wow does she have some beautiful blonde locks for such a young baby!

kristi w. AWWW! I love them!

Sina Roberts I want the fish face!!!!! I LOVE the 2nd one. Those beautiful eyes looking up. She’s so precious.

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