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…on a cloudy day.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up! When I arrived for our sesssion  Saturday afternoon it was overcast and as foggy as all get out. By the time I left the sun was shining and (I’m pretty sure!) the birds were singing. If I knew how to whistle, I would have done it.

And here’s the reason:

huntsville child photographer

She’s come a long way in four months, wouldn’t you say?

Her mommy and daddy have too. They’ve moved since I saw them last and I spent a large portion of our session secretly coveting their new windows and shutters.

That’s normal, right?

huntsville family photographer

Have you ever seen a four month old sport a bow so well? My four year old can’t even pull it off like that!

huntsville newborn photographer

I can’t show too many family pics since I know they’ll be choosing one for Christmas cards and I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises…but the adoration captured here just gets me. I can’t not share it.

huntsville baby photographer

It was lovely being with you guys this weekend! Thank you for sharing your little doll with me once again. =)

shannon so, so adorable!!!

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