Earlier this week I finally met up with a super sweet family after their first session was rained out. There are three young boys in their family and I’ll admit that I was prepared for a bit of chaos. They most certainly did not  deliver. These were three of the most well-mannered, laid back kiddos that I’ve ever photographed. And they had parents to match! I’ve never had a child ask me if they could help me pack up my stuff…I tell you what, these boys are being raised right! It was absolutely delightful to be with them for the afternoon.

I will tell you that one of these cutie patooties was not a fan of my camera (me? yes. camera? no.) and I guarantee you can’t pick which one based on the pictures! I sure hope that makes his mom smile. =)

My littlest friend…


My rock-tossing friend…


And my new boyfriend…


(hand kisses, “I’ll miss you!’s and asking for my phone number counts as a relationship these days…right?)

And, finally, the stairsteps of brotherhood…


Told you they were cute!

Andrea Erin, YOU DID IT!!!! I still can’t believe it. I finally, finally, finally have a picture of my three little guys. It’s true, I’m teary right now. Thank you!!!!

Kelly Hudson OMG! These are awesome. Erin I know you are such a wonder at everything you do:) Charlie is Alton’s best friend and may fight you for his affection. I know there’s enough to go around where this family is concerned:)

Amy Oh, these two latest posts are piercing my heart! I have two boys and a third on the way. If I every make it to Alabama…

martha Erin, what great pictures! Adorable boys.
You have such nice color in your pictures, do you post process to get such sharp colors?

Kelly So a cute family! Great job!!

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