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Good Soggy Monday Morning to you (if you are in Huntsville)!!! This week I have had a fabulous little helper come and stay with me (my husband’s 13 year old sister). She has been a huge help with the kids now that I am working with ECP…I need all the help I can get. Last night we had some bad storms come through our area and out of the 4 month old, 4 year old and 13 year old in the house she is the one that ended up in our bed!! Love that girl!

Now on to my newest Huntsville hot spot. We have been doing the Mom About Town series for over a year now and it has been a huge success and such a fun thing to do. But this next spot is definitely up there with one of my faves!

Spirited Art, located at 500 Whitesburg Dr #130 is an “optimistic, creative class for folks who want to learn the basics of acrylic painting in the company of great friends and good wine.” I would have to say that I can totally vouch for that!!

Owner Bekah Bynum (right) and her business partner Andrea Bell (left)  have brought Huntsville a very inspiring, relaxing spot to come and let your creative juices flow!!

This picture totally sums them up!! I totally feel in love with them! They remind me of another duo here in Huntsville that work together and have a blast doing it!! 😉
Last Wednesday night Erin, Terry (Erin’s momma) and I loaded up and took a class so that we could experience Spirited Art for ourselves.

I have to admit I was a little nervous but after I was seated and had a couple sips of wine I was feeling extremely creative!!

It was a blast!

There was also a Bachelorette party in our group! Andrea said they have all kinds of group from wedding showers, to birthday parties to baby showers.  You can also schedule private parties if you want it to be reserved for only your group.

Look at Terry’s painting!! Way to go Mom!! (she told me I could call her that so I think I will!!)

One of the things that I love about Spirited Art is that there is a class for everyone!!

The painting below is an example of a Create Date. This is when an adult and child (5 and up!) come in and paint together! How great would that be for a grandparent and grandchild or a fun date night with a kiddo? The child does the large painting and the adult does the small one. They are meant to be hung together. The biggest issue would be whose room to hang it in!!

When Spirited Art does something, it’s always top notch. And their summer camps are no exception. On top of having a blast painting the kids will be learning different elements of art. Learning while having fun? Sounds great to me!!

For more info on their camps check out this link.

You can also visit their website for upcoming classes. Or you can always pop in and check out their fabulous wall calendar!

Spirited Art loves to give back to the community and gives about $15k a year by partnering with different organizations! Be sure to ask Bekah or Andrea about how you can fundraise with Spirited Art for your own group.

This is also a great place to have a date night with your loved one!!

I was totally into it! 

We spotted one of Erin’s clients there who happens to be my very first childhood friend!!!

Hey Jess!

Finished product!!!

We have an amazing giveaway thanks to My Spirited Art. And because it’s so awesome, we are going to add an additional way to win!

You have to vote for which painting is better – the one of the left or right! Erin and I were fighting on whose was best!

Here’s what’s up for grabs.

1. one $25 gift certificate for a kid’s class

2. one $45 gift certificate for a Create Date

3. onev$75 gift certificate for two seats to an adult class (but you have to take me!! JK)

Here’s how to enter to win:

1.  Leave a comment below letting us know what caught your eye in this blog post.

2.  Like Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook (or tell us you already do) and leave a comment letting us know.

3.  Follow Erin Cobb on Twitter (or tell us you already do) on Twitter and leave a comment letting us know.

4. Like My Spirited Art Huntsville on Facebook (or tell us you already do) and leave a comment letting us know.

5. Comment “left” or “right” which painting is the best on the above picture of the 2 paintings!!

Good Luck!!

Jessica Pinegar I had such a great time with you guys! Hope to see you again soon!!

Jessica Pinegar We are facebook friends :)

Jessica Pinegar I follow you on Twitter

Jessica Pinegar I liked spirited art on facebook

Sandy I LOVE Spirited Art! Just went a couple of weeks ago to celebrate a friend’s birthday and would love to win so I can go back and create another masterpiece 😉 (or at least drink some more wine and pretend to be Picasso.) I like Erin AND Spirited Art on FB. Thanks for the chance to win!

Alison I love Spirited Art! While I adore both paintings, the one on the left caught my eye for sure. I like EC on FB as well!

Jessica Pinegar I like the birdie on the left 😉 it’s perty!!!

Christina I have benn wanting to go to Spirited Art since I moved back to huntsville!

Christina While they are both good….I think I like the one on the right the best:)

christina I already like Erin Cobb on Facebook!

Christina I already follow Erin Cobb in Twitter!

Christina I already like Spirited Art on facebook!

Ronda I already “like” Erin Cobb and Spirited Art on Facebook. I like the final painting on the right, best! :)

amanda I love the Big Spring Park painting, and I like both paintings, but I like the one on the right a little better.

amanda I like Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook.

amanda I like My Sprited Art on Facebook.

amanda I follow Erin Cobb on twitter.

Alicia already signed my girls up for classes and we can’t wait!

May love it!! I always wante to try some art class and discover my hidden ‘talent’ :). Should do it one day!

Mendy This looks like a fun date night (:

Mendy I like the painting on the right (:

Amy in AL Like S.Art on FB!

Amy in AL Like ECP on FB!

Amy in AL Everybody looks like they’re having a great time!

Amy in AL I like the one on the right… but they’re both super-cute! :)

Meridith S. I love the picture of the calendar wall at the front of the store. Every time I come in, I want to sign up for every class!

Meridith S. I like Spirited Art on Facebook and shamelessly stalk the group pictures of finished paintings for people I know!

Meridith S. I like Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook

Meridith S. I will judge your paintings like I judge all the contests my two girls come up with…The painting on the right wins in the “cutest eyelashes on a bird” category and the painting on the left wins in the “sweetest shape on a bird” category!

Karen Rass Very Good…one on the Left!!
I “like” spirited Art and “Erin Photography”

Karla H. This blog post caught my eye because I have never been to My Spirited Art but would love to have a night out with my best friend to paint!

Karla H. I like Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook :)

Karla H. I like My Spirited Art Huntsville on Facebook :)

Karla H. My vote is for the cute bird on the left!

Christi Love Spirited Art! Since I couldn’t decide what kind of critters those were on either one, I’m not voting! You both get an A+ for effort :)

Shari The blog post caught my eye because several friends have gone and raved about it but I have yet to go!

I already like Erin Cobb on Facebook

I already like My Spirited Art on Facebook

I like the picture on the left

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