so much fun!

That’s exactly what I think about my session with this little cutie and her family this past weekend. We had a blast playing and chatting. Her sweet mama put a ton of thought into our time together and her attention to details really paid off in the images. A little planning goes a long way!

We started the morning off with a giggly little tea party…


And then some make-up. What three year old wouldn’t LOVE to do this…


After she "put her face on" (love that Southern expression!) we headed outside to frolic with her new puppy. They were quite a pair!


And then off to the park for some fun with the fam. Ask her how much she loves her mama and daddy and here’s the answer you’ll get…


Love that!

We even had time for a little swinging and airplaning. We left the heavy lifting to dad though after a little, um, mishap. Let’s just say her mama is an ambitious baby tosser! 😉 (Sorry, J, I couldn’t resist)


We called it a day and headed back to the house, chatting all the way. As we rounded the corner and started walking down the back alley I grabbed my camera for one last shot…


And I’m so glad I did! Thanks for the adventures you guys! 

Marla Erin these are wonderful shots, you really captured this little girl’s joy and personality. The tea party and makeup shots are absolutely adorable, and so is the puppy kiss.

Melissa That family shot is great. She is so adorable! I just love how you capture personalities so well! If only I…1. had a kid (because you’re so great at capturing them in all their glory) and 2. lived closer to Alabama I would LOVE to have you as a photographer! Maybe some day my dream will come true.

Amanda K Oh my gosh, what a total cutie! I LOVE that last shot, so fantastic with the little dog in tow :)

Amy Leigh That last shot is priceless!

Jennifer Those are some great shots!! Obviously that’s one little girl with one BIG personality!! LOVE IT!!

Justlulu Awesome last shot!!! I find that sometimes my last candid shots are always the best :)

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