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Standing disclaimer for the next two weeks: I’m still in Dayton and editing on my laptop so forgive me if the colors seem wonky on these next few sneak peeks. I’ll be sure to fix any issues once I get back home to my callibrated monitor but I didn’t want to get behind on my sneak peeks!

The whirlwind of Dayton sessions continues! This time with a sweet family who braved near constant drizzle and even one brief downpour during our time together. How they managed to still look effortlessly flawless I’ll never know!


The beauty runs deep in this family. No doubt about that. (and check out this gappy grin…LOVE IT!)


Big sister and little sister each got a healthy dose of fabulous.


I adore this shot of the two of them together, personalities a-blazing.


I love it almost as much as I love this quieter moment with mama. Dad specifically requested shots of his girls together so this one is for him…


Our second location took us to a little pond and bridge that backed up to the girls’ grandparent’s home. They loved tossing rocks of all sizes into the pond and watching them splash and sink to the bottom. I think this must be a regular family activity because I heard mom and dad joking that one of these days they’ll need to dump a truckload of rocks back into this spot to replenish the banks!


Thanks so much for a fun afternoon you guys!


I hope you love your sneak peek as much as I do! =)

Samantha It is so awesome to see you guys!!!!!!!!!! You all look great!!!! It makes me miss you like crazy!

Joey Oh, Erin, thank you so much for bearing the rainy weather with us yesterday. The pictures are amazing! I have no idea how you managed to get pics without hair in our eyes from the wind or mud on our clothes from Katelyn’s muddy fall. I am so glad that you captured our little family together. I love all of them…can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you again!!!

Kimberly they do look flawless!! And question time…on the shot for dad (of the girls) were you laying on the grass when you shot that???

erin Hi Kimberly…I don’t think I was laying on the grass but I was squatted down and low. I do tend to lay down a lot though, particularly for shots of toddlers on their own. Good question!

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