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So, remember in my last post how I went on and on about how I was all caught up with minisession sneak peeks? I lied.

Well maybe I didn’t lie so much as I was just embarassingly wrong. I got a phone call from one of my SWEETEST clients saying she had read what I wrote but that she hadn’t seen their pics go up yet. GULP! I mean seriously, this is one of my FAVE people to shoot for. So sweet, so fun, so joyful…how did I miss their sneak peek?! I actually sent out all the galleries that same day so by now they’ve seen all of their images but my heart just can’t stand the thought of not showing off this dear family. So I’m totally late to the party but better late than never, right?

Here’s the little guy that stole my heart back in July.

huntsville baby photographer 1

He still makes my heart skip a beat!

huntsville newborn photographer 1

And this time he brought along his big cousin who packs just as much personality as the little guy!

huntsville baby photographer

(I could have photographed him all day)

huntsville newborn photographer

We were on a mission to get a shot of the two of them together…

huntsville children's photographer

And I have to say that I kind of love this one…

huntsville family photographer

And I have to finish up with these –┬áthe joyful mama and her stunning little dude.

huntsville family photographer 2

Okay, NOW I’m done with minisession sneak peeks (well, except for the make-up one I’ll post tomorrow!). =)

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