a tale of a three year old boy. | huntsville children’s portrait photographer

Once there was a three year old boy.

He loved two things more than anything else in the world: toy cars and his mama. Daddy is a pretty close third I think.  Followed by the Green Bay Packers. And (let’s just pretend) Erin Cobb.

Here’s the proof…

I sure do love this three year old!

brothers | huntsville newborn portrait photographer



Three brothers, near and dear to my heart.

Brother #3, so fresh and new…

Well loved already!



easy going girl. | huntsville baby portrait photographers



Oh my goodness, this little lady is so easy going and sweet!

And she’s the perfect throwback to her big sister as a baby, but also has her own distinct look. It’s so fun watching my families grow!

And speaking of big sister…

After the “official” part of our session was over I took her up to the new Cottage Loft just to play for a bit. Once she saw this vintage school desk and old book of fairy tales she wasn’t budging!

And finally, what was perhaps the most “liked” image on my Facebook page this week…

And understandably so. Beautiful girls!

Alicia Most Beauiful Girls!! Erin, you are Amazing and so Creative!! Love these pics so much!! :) Sweetest girls ever!!

Clara Edmonson Absolutely amazing! Erin you have captured the beauty and personality of our girls. Thank you.

old favorite. | huntsville children’s portrait photographer


This little guy is one of my old friends. And yes, when you’re a children’s photographer who specializes in young kids an “old friend” can be just barely two. By my count I’ve photographed this little cutie at least 7 times.

And somehow, he gets cuter every time.

I posted this shot on Facebook the other day, it’s one of my faves…

I have a very similar portrait of my then two year old (same look) from years ago. There’s just something about a pensive look on a toddler that I love. I think because they’re usually extremely happy or extremely…not. Catching them right in the middle is like a window into the soul.

I sure do love you, sweet Mr. P. Already looking forward to session #8, 9, 10…






Jackie So sweet, Mr. P! :-)

Lolli & Pop We love this little man and the photos are great.

Ronda Lovely!

blue eyed beauty | huntsville baby portrait photographer


There’s a debate currently raging in homes across America about whether or not this cutie’s eyes are going to stay blue…

Okay, in truth it’s probably only raging in her home (and mine) but both of her parents have pretty brown eyes and here she sits with the most piercing baby blues you’ve ever seen. I just can’t imagine them going anywhere…

Something else that might be around to stay?

The thumb.

Good luck with that Mom and Dad! 😉

Debbie Robinson Where are your prices posted if we want to purchase a photo

Rosendo Mr. Elliott,Letters via USPS sounds so novel in the internet age whether or not it is a single letter produced for many, but it doesn’t sound like a pen-pal relationship. Can one particular write again to the author from the letter?