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After four years in Huntsville our family is settled in. This is “home”. So much so that sometimes the life I lived before we landed here feels like a distant memory. Immediately prior to Huntsville we lived in Colorado Springs for three years while my husband taught at the Air Force Academy. And for the three years before that we lived in Dayton, Ohio. We had just been married and were having the time of our lives starting new jobs, meeting new people, and learning what it meant to spend everyday of our lives with each other (for better or worse).

We joined a church within a few months of landing in Dayton. Soon we found our newlywed selves leading the high school youth group. I was barely 21, not much older than most of the youth. Of course I had been through college and was teaching kindergarten while they were still chattering about homecoming and proms – our lives at the time seemed worlds apart. But we loved them dearly and (I think) they felt the same. We keep in touch with many of them and have been thrilled to watch their lives unfold in such wonderful ways. Just this week we’ve had the joy of meeting three of them separately for dinner, catching up on all the goings on of our lives. As time has gone on the age difference between us has seemingly disappeared.

Our sweet Elizabeth is now in law school pursuing a law degree and a Master’s in public policy. She hopes to work in the child advocacy field. Her fiance Jimmy is working toward his Master’s degree in Theology with aspirations of a matching PhD.

I really wish these kids had done something with their lives. 😉

This was our first time meeting Jimmy after hearing about him for years. We met up for their engagement portraits right before heading out for dinner with them. Brent and the kids were drawing with sidewalk chalk with Jimmy and Elizabeth when I realized I needed to run out to the car to grab my camera bag. I needed the car keys so I went to reach my hand into the pocket of the man crouched down with his back to me, whom I was sure was my husband.

Sorry Jimmy. Nice to meet you.

Lucky for Jimmy I realized my error just before contact. What a way to introduce yourself to the theology student, huh?

It was so fun to see these two together. Elizabeth has always held a special place in my heart (and Brent’s) and I knew the right person for her would have to be equally as exceptional. And he is. There’s just no doubt these two were made for each other.

Jimmy and Elizabeth, it was so lovely seeing you again. We can’t wait for your wedding next year that Brent so graciously invited ourselves to.

I guess you can always count on the Cobbs to keep things awkward, right? 😉

Lacey R Ha, ha!! Too funny!! Gorgeous photos!

January I really like youtube however it does have some bad things on it. Like with illegal material and things.

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