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We had a special visit last week from three of our favorite people – my dear friend Amy and her sons, Benjamin and NoHaydenStopIt.

Okay, technically her oldest son’s name is just Hayden but after spending four days in my house I think I need to talk to Amy about officially changing his name to NoHaydenStopIt. My two year old is certain that’s Hayden’s real name.

For the record, this is my two year old’s issue, not Hayden’s. Hayden is the kindest, most gentle little three year old you ever did meet. He just happens to have a love for trains, cars, and wheels that is shared by my son — my son who doesn’t yet know how to share or play nicely. Hence, NoHaydenStopIt!

So allow me to introduce you… 

Amy is no slouch with a camera herself and she recently started a photography business of her own. We had fun taking our two oldest kiddos downtown and torturing photographing them.

I think Hayden was a little suspicious at first. He had already been through the ringer with his mama and wasn’t quite sure he wanted to face the lens again – even with another face on the other side.  

Pretty soon he saw the light. And decided doing things my way wasn’t so bad afterall.

Amy asked me later what I did to get him to come with me…

My answer?


It’s always candy. I’m not a magician, people. Just a pusher.

The funny thing is, sweets at our house are few and far between. As my neighbor says, my kids think pretzels are junk food.

But I’ll do whatever it takes to get the shot. And if that means chocolate and a little sugar rush,

So be it. =)

Amy You are magic! You captured “him” so perfectly. And oh how handsome he is (not that I’m biased or anything!). Thank you so much for these wonderful photos!

Jennifer Everyone has another side to them, and now we know yours! You evil candy giver you!! LOL

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