miss curiosity.

I love photographing one year olds. They totally start growing into their little personalities right around their first birthday and it’s so fun to try to capture. If one word could sum up this sweet little girl I think it would be inquisitive. I don’t think she took her eyes off of me the entire time we were together! I could totally see the wheels turning as she tried to figure out just WHAT in the world I was doing…



She had the softest, spikiest, golden red hair you’ve ever seen. It formed a wild little halo around her head that looked like it was placed there by angels themselves! LOVE that! (and, for the record, her mom and dad say this is tame)


And because I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to photograph a one-year old without taking this shot…here you go…


It sure was fun you sweet thing!

Martha – EP Erin, love all your pictures. Did you take a photography course or just naturally talented? What would recommend to someone wanting to start out?
Thanks for your wonderful site! Found it thru Jennifer McQuires site.

Rachel This is my niece! We have been so excited in anticipation for this photo shoot! Can’t wait to see the full set. Love your work Erin!

Jennifer Just love the ruffles at the bottom of her jeans!! What a cutie pie!!

Liz I thought that was “spicey” hair :)

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