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Standing disclaimer for the next two weeks: I’m still in Dayton and editing on my laptop so forgive me if the colors seem wonky on these next few sneak peeks. I’ll be sure to fix any issues once I get back home to my callibrated monitor but I didn’t want to get behind on my sneak peeks!

Many of my readers here know that I actually have a longer running and more popular blog that documents the life of my family.  I always hesitate to link from here to there because I feel like there should be at least a thin line between my business and personal life and I realize that not all of my clients want or need to know all the dirty (literally!) details of my life with two young children. But I’ve been writing in my personal blog for over three years now and have had the privilege of meeting many readers and even photographing a handful of them. Yesterday morning’s session was with the daughter of one of those readers and it was such a joy for me to put a face with a name! Particularly when the little face I got to see was this one…


Don’t be fooled by the doll face and sweet smile, she is a DIVA all the way!


Told ya!

We spent a little bit of time hanging out on this wall and she kept doing this little pose. I don’t know what it was but I loved it! So spunky and cute…so HER!


I tell you what, she oozed personality and charm!


We had a rather wet morning — the rain held off for the most part but the ground was saturated by the showers the night before. My new friend’s mom said she’s not usually a fan of her rainboots but in the truly unpredictable style of a three year old (and a DIVA at that!) she decided to love on them all morning and insisted she NOT take them off! Fine by me…that gave us the chance to do some of this…


When her mom and I spoke about a rain plan she assured me that they could be adventurous if it came down to it. And she was right! Mom and Dad didn’t flinch even as the puddle hopping and splashes started!

They were troopers from beginning to end as we traipsed around downtown Dayton and I loved getting to know them. Toddler families are some of my favorite to photograph and this sweet bunch was no exception!


Thank you guys so much for a fun morning and for the sweet surprise gifts. I hope you’ll keep reading my blogs even after meeting my goofy self! =)

nicki another sweet session!
she is adorable…love the rainboots and the puddle shot!

Lacey Man, the brick wall “pose” & the puddle shot sure would make nice canvases! Gorgeous photos!

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