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I’m a list-maker. At any given moment I may have half a dozen lists lying around of things I need to do. In notebooks, on scraps of paper, on my iphone. I think I need to consolidate! Some of my lists are dream lists (things I’d love to do . You know,  one day when I have time. HA!). Some of my lists are things I HAVE to do. Like right now (things I should do instead of blogging.) And some lists I keep just because if I keep it written down long enough I feel like I’ve committed to actually making it happen. Like painting the antique metal glider we have in our backyard. It’s been on a list for over a year so surely it will get done. Eventually.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

So in the spirit of “If I Write It Down It Will Happen”, here is my list of things I WILL write about on this blog in April:

1. A timeline for custom portraiture (the best milestones to invest in capturing).

2. The first in a series of posts detailing how to take better photographs of your own children. I presented this material to a mom’s club last month so I figured I’d share it in a series!

3. An update on my availability for the spring and summer, including beach and travel sessions.

4. A few sneak peeks.

5. *Maybe* some of my favorite images from past sessions that were never  blogged.

6. And finally, more from my session in California with my sweet niece and her parents…here’s just a little ‘teaser…


I promise to make this place a little more lively in April than it has been of late! And if you stop by here and are bored with what’s new you can always check in on my more spastic side, where I document the life and times of my family…The Pigbear.

P.C. So very cute!

Lorena Mora Oh yay traveling sessions…you miss California yet? We have Disneyland in Southern CA and beaches make nice sessions, LOL ;-).

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